Site et hébergement

L'école aura lieu à la station biologique de Roscoff. L'hébergement et la restauration se font à l'hôtel "Le Gulf Stream" du dimanche soir au vendredi après-midi.

Note that the lectures will start early on Monday morning, and will end
on Friday October 4 at lunch time.

All participants are requested to arrive at the Station Biologique in
Roscoff on Sunday September 29, between 4 and 8 pm (dinner will be
served at the restaurant Gulf Stream at 7:30pm).
Travel information can be found on

The School cannot deal with the particulars of travel issues of each participant,
hence we strongly advise using the following tips:

1) Participants arriving by train. The most convenient trains are:

 Sunday September 29:
   Paris (11:08am) -> Morlaix (3:21pm) : TGV 8617
   Morlaix (3:30pm) -> Roscoff (3:56pm) : TER 55025

 Friday October 4:
   Roscoff (3:26pm) -> Morlaix (3:54pm): TER 55014
   Morlaix (4:06pm) -> Paris (8:11pm): TGV 8660

 The Station Biologique is within walking distance from the Roscoff train
station, see map on the site:

2) Participants flying to Brest International Airport. We plan to
 organise a bus or taxi shuttle from the airport to Roscoff (about 45 min
 drive) on Sunday 29/09 around 5:30 pm and back on Friday 04/10
 around 3pm. If you have not done so already, please let us know whether you are
 interested by this service.